What hosting plans are available?

All the plans offered have a wide range of great features. These are the differences between the plans, with the full list of features below.

200 MB: £2 per month

  • 200 MB hosting space
  • 8 GB Bandwidth/month
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • 50 POP3 email addresses
  • 20 subdomains
  • 2 ftp accounts

300 MB: £3 per month

  • 300 MB hosting space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth/month
  • 3 MySQL Databases
  • 100 POP3 email addresses
  • 30 subdomains
  • 3 ftp accounts

500 MB: £5 per month

  • 500 MB hosting space
  • 20 GB Bandwidth/month
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • 200 POP3 email addresses
  • 50 subdomains
  • 5 ftp accounts

To order

To order a hosting plan, please fill in the form on the contact page.

Full list of features

Control Panel

Set up e-mail accounts, mailing lists and control all the functions of your web site with our easy to use control panel.

Uploading Files

When you have designed your web page (or the whole site), you will need to upload them to the server. We provide several methods to do this:

This is the most common way to upload files. Most web design programs have FTP software built in, and if yours doesn't then you can use a seperate FTP program.
File Manager
If you do not have an FTP program you can upload pages to our servers using our web based file manager tool, which is available from the control panel.
Multiple FTP accounts
Multiple FTP accounts let you give other people access to specified directories within your web hosting account. You can combine this with subdomains to give different branches of your organisation or family their own web sites that they can design and update themselves without them having access to your files.


All our hosting accounts come with lots of email accounts, so that you can have email addresses that end in @yourdomain.co.uk, for example I could create madeupemail@edshosting.co.uk!

Each email account you create can be accessed using a POP3 program like Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora.
You can alternatively use the IMAP protocol with programs like Outlook. This means that the mail will be left on our server which can be useful if you need to access mail from different locations.
For those times when you are out of the office we provide a web mail service which allows you to look at your email from anywhere just using a web browser.
SMTP (outgoing mail server)
We supply you with an SMTP server that can be used from any internet connection (subject to ISP permission). AOL users can send mail by changing their e-mail software to use port 26.
We check incoming email for viruses and delete it if it contains one. This provides you with some level of protection against viruses but we still recommend you have antivirus software installed on your computer to deal with other types of virus.
Spam Assasin
If you turn on this tool in our control panel, any mail which is recognised as possibly being spam will be attached to another email which says "this message may be spam". You can then filter these to a folder in your email program for later review.
Email Filters
Our control panel allows you to set mail filters to block mail from specific addresses or which contain specific words or phrases. This can be used for spam blocking, but you should also look at our Spam Assassin feature if you need to deal with a lot of spam.
For each email account you set up you can have an autoresponder which sends a reply when a message is received. This can be used to tell people you are on holiday, have received their email or whatever you want the message to say.
Mailing Lists
We provide a mailing list managemnt system called "Mailman". This can operate as an announce list where you send mail to one address and it goes to everybody on the list, or it can be run as a discussion list (like Yahoo Groups).

Preinstalled Applications

These allow you to add extra functionality to your site, without having to worry about how to install them.

Bulletin Board
PHPBB forum software is one of the most popular bulletin boards one the web. You can install it from the control panel in just one click.
Chat Rooms
Host your own chat rooms! edshosting.co.uk plans give you a choice of two chat room applications - a simple java based one or a more complex one that uses PHP and MySQL.
Preinstalled CGI Scripts
Our control panel has various built in scripts like counters, form mail (to get forms emailed back to you) and a site search script so people can search within your web site for information. All you need to do is copy and paste the code into your web pages. No installation is required.
Our control panel has a simple counter generator. Just select a style of counter, generate the code and cut and paste it into your web page to see how many visitors you are getting.
Shopping Cart
We provide a shopping cart program that integrates with our secure server allowing you to sell goods and services on-line.
Agora.cgi is a simple shopping cart solution which integrates with many popular payment gateways. For further information Click Here. Some payment gateways require special modules which you need to buy direct from Agora.

Programming features

Using these programming features available with all the plans at edshosting.co.uk enables you to create dynamic interactive websites.

PHP is an embedded scripting language which makes building complex web sites much easier than standard HTML. There are many online tutorials and books available to help you learn PHP.
CGI allows you to run programs on our server to enhance your web site. You can use the Perl and Python languages for CGI. Server side includes allows you to include the contents of one file inside another web page. A common use for this is a header or footer which can be included in each page but only needs to be edited in one file if it changes.
JSP/Java Servlets
JSP stands for "Java Server Pages". This is an enterprise class embedded scripting language. Please do not confuse this with Java Applets or Javascript. It is not the same thing at all.
MySQL Databases
Mysql is a database system which can be used to build a database driven web site. It is also used to run our bulletin board and chat systems.
Frontpage Extensions
If you use Microsoft Frontpage to design your site then you need to have Frontpage extensions installed on your web hosting account. The extensions allow the special Frontpage functions like counters and forms to work properly.

Website Administration

We keep daily backups of your web site. You can also log into the control panel and download a single file archive of your files. This can be very useful as it allows you to have your own secure back up in case our backup systems were to fail. Although this is unlikely, you can never have too many backups.
Resource Meter
Our control panel allows you to monitor your disk space and bandwidth usage. You should check this every few weeks to make sure you have enough resources. If you need more it is easy to upgrade to the next plan size.
Web statistics
Webalizer is installed on all hosting accounts so you know what your visitors are looking at and where they are coming from.

Other advanced features

Subdomains take the contents of a directory like /something and display it at an address like http://something.yourdomain.com. This can be useful if you have several different sections to your web site.
Secure Server
All our hosting plans come with free secure server suitable for credit card transactions (many hosting companies charge extra) and free use of our security certificates (these cost 90 a year!).
Custom Error Pages
If someone goes to a page on your site which does not exist, you can create a special page which will be shown to them instead of the default "page not found" used by their web browser.
Password Protection
This allows you to set usernames and passwords for any directory on your web hosting account. You can use this to make a members area or to keep a directory only for family and friends.
Apache Handlers
This function allows you to set how the server will handle different file extensions. For example, you might want all .html pages to be parsed like .shtml ones, or you might want to use a completely odd novelty extension like .dog or .cat.

A selection of customer sites

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