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Web Hosting FAQ

I'm confused by all these hosting plans, which one is right for me?

All our plans come with generous allowances of disk space and bandwidth. They all come with similar features but varying amounts of web space, e-mail accounts and monthly bandwidth. They all have access to a basic shopping cart.

As a guide we suggest that for general personal web sites and start up commercial sites people choose our 200MB plan. This has enough features for most purposes and can be upgraded later, if required. Users requiring FrontPage extensions can use any of the plans, though the extensions will require additional disk space.

Our plans come with PHP and CGI as standard. They also include subdomains (which map to files held on web space at, multiple FTP accounts and multiple MySQL databases.

If you intend to distribute shareware or other large files then we suggest the 300MB or larger plans because they come with more inclusive bandwidth.

How do I change web host to

This is really quite simple. To move your site without any interruption please follow these instructions:

  • Order web hosting from us.
  • Upload your web site to the temporary address we give you.
  • Contact the company you registered your domain name through and ask them to change the name servers to: and (Holders of domains may require our IPSTAG which is HOSTROUTE)
  • Once the name servers are changed it takes about 48 hours for the domain to move over to point to your new account.
  • When this is complete, contact your previous web host and cancel your account.

Tip: to know when the move is complete add something to the version of the site uploaded to our temporary address, like an "x" at the bottom of the front page. That way you can tell if the domain is pointing to our server or the old one.

Can you host subdomains?

Yes! Our premium plans include up to 50 subdomains. For further information Click Here.

Do you support ASP?

ASP was originally developed for the Windows operating system and is only available on Microsoft Windows hosting plans. does not offer Windows hosting, and therefore we do not support ASP. However, anything that can be done in ASP can be done in php, which is offered on all our plans.

Do you support Microsoft FrontPage?

Yes! All our hosting plans come with FrontPage extensions at no extra charge.

Can I have MP3's or Videos on my site?

Yes, provided you own the copyright to them...

Can I have pornography on my web site?

No, we have a zero tollerance policy towards pornography and other adult related content.
Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service for full details.

I want to sell things on my web site, will your shopping cart help me do this?

You need to start from the other end. Work out how you are going to process credit card transactions, then find a shopping cart that suits that method, then find a suitable hosting plan. If you are not an established business you will find it difficult to get a merchant account so you might be safer starting with Paypal: This has its own shopping cart which can be used with any of our hosting plans.

Can I use an Apple Mac with

The internet was designed to allow computers to communicate with each other regardless of operating system. This is done using standard protocols like smtp and http. As long as you have an internet connection, a web browser (and you must have these if you are looking at this web page), and a web design program you can use any web host and this includes

Domain names FAQ

Do I have to transfer my domain name to

You must get the name servers for your domain name changed to ours. If you fail to do this the domain name will not point to your web site. We do not require you to change domain registrar, just the name servers.

Can you host International domains?

Yes, can host any top level International domain. See our Domain Names page for information about registering domain names, including many country specific top level domains. If you don't see the top level domain you are interested in, go direct to the website for a wider choice.

Company FAQ

How long has been in existance? is a relatively new venture, and has been selling hosting services since October 2005. I have however been creating and administering websites since 1997, and selling hosting services is a natural progression.

Are you a reseller for another hosting company?

Yes. The hosting provided by is provided by a company called They are a large and experienced hosting company, who own or lease all their own equipment. See the Technical background FAQ for details.

Why should I use rather than can offer the same great service and features as, but at a much lower price. For example the 200 MB plan offered here for just £2 a month costs £8.95 a month direct from

Technical background FAQ

What sort of systems do you use?

All sites are hosted on rack mounted Intel® Pentium® 4 servers with a minimum 1GB RAM.

What sort of connections do you have?

Please Click Here for detailed information from the website.
Click Here to see how fast are compared to other UK web hosts.

What backups do you run?

We store daily, weekly and monthly backups of each web site we host. Our servers also have spare disk drives installed so in the event of a hard disk failure we can restore all sites quickly. Please note that these backups are primarily for disaster recovery. Backup software is provided so that clients can create their own backups for other purposes.

What operating system are your servers running?

Our plans are hosted on servers running Apache web server under Fedora Linux. This is a highly stable operating system, integral to our aim of achieving 100% uptime for your web site.

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Can you change my MX record?

Yes, we can change your MX record so that your e-mail is directed to another mail server.
Note: If you choose this option it will disable all your e-mail accounts at

Why is your bandwidth not "unlimited"?

When our provider set up they wanted it to be the most reliable and honest web hosting company on the Internet. Many companies quote "unlimited" or "unmetered" bandwidth allocations, but in the small print you will find that they have the right to remove your site without warning if you are using too much bandwidth. Put simply, this means they have a limit but they are not prepared to tell you what it is. They need to have this clause because bandwidth (or data transfer) costs money. The telecom companies that provide internet connectivity charge for every GB of transfer on their networks and many "unlimited companies" have found that they cannot sustain their service without regularly removing accounts. (the provider for has a proper, sustainable, business model which offers high bandwidth allocations to all our customers with no automatic removal of sites for exceeding their allocations. We tell you how much bandwidth you have and give you a meter (in your control panel) to monitor your use of it.

Billing FAQ

Why don't you charge VAT? is a small company, and therefore we don't need to charge VAT. The current threshold before a company needs to register for VAT is £68,000.

What credit cards do you accept?

All our payments are made through PayPal. You do not need to have an account with PayPal prior to making a payment, and you can use any of the following credit or debit cards:

  • Mastercard/Eurocard
  • Visa/Delta/Electron
  • American Express
  • Switch/Maestro
  • Solo